Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why is everyone so misinformed?

So I've watched Dr. Oz off and on for a while, because I find the medical information interesting, even though as a thoracic surgeon I don't believe he's qualified to provide the information he's throwing out there. So I sometimes watch. Today will be the last day. Today he did a special on diet pills. Innocent enough. Until, he told a woman that because of taking diet pills she "became" Bipolar. Seriously? I understand that the drugs she was ingesting had speed in them...but people don't just "get" Bipolar. She ended up in a drug rehab because of the drugs in her brain. That has nothing to do with a mental illness. It's not like stubbing your toe. Having a mental illness is a long, complicated list of genetics and circumstances. It absolutely drives me nuts that the people who are supposed to "know better" and who are educating others are not telling the truth. One of the reasons why there are SO many stigmas out there about mental illness.

Well, I just had to get my mini-rant out there. So long Dr.Douchebag Oz.

Ps-I'll put up another post asap, I've been having horrible side effects from the Welbutrin, so I haven't been writing. I see my doctor tomorrow, so we'll see what happens after that.

Take care.

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