Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hey all,

I'm sure some of you have noticed the ignorant posts from "Anonymous" (what a surprise). I have responded a few times, but it's become a personal vendetta against me (or my blog, I'm not sure). Either way, I refuse to have my blog taken over by someone who has no desire to learn about mental illness. Not only that, I have no desire to write to someone and waste my time typing to someone who clearly just wants to sit around on their computer and have "internet fights". We're not in high school folks. It's now 2010, and a brand new year-let’s hope people can start to understand mental illness (or at least make an effort to). Let's hope we can break down some of these walls of ignorance.

I want to be able to get help, when I need it (not waiting months for a psychiatrist or for a bed in a hospital) and to be able to speak about my illnesses without shame. That's my wish for 2010.

What's yours?


  1. Happy New Year to you and the family, and may it be your healthiest year yet!

    Probably the best thing to do for your secret admirer (I figure the person must be, since he is such an AVID reader of your blog ;) is to ignore him. The attention appears to be what he's after.

  2. Thanks Cheryl, same to you!

    I will no longer be posting anything from my avid admirer. There's simply no need to respond to ignorance.

    Hope you keep reading! :)


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